Toni Herndon

To Future Clients of SEPS:
When I first started working with John Haubenstricker I was about 40 pounds heavier and had very little interest in the gym.
I decided to change my life around as I was approaching 40 years old, and in four short months John transformed both my mindset and my body to produce amazing results. I was thrilled when I placed second in my very first NPC bikini competition ever and became a whole new woman (inside and out).
John has a wonderful ability to truly make magic happen within the realm of hard-core science. He tailors his years of schooling and expertise to each individual client’s needs, and applies his vast knowledge to both the workout script and nutrition plans provided in his competition prep.
I am excited to continue my work with John, and I am currently on the road to Nationals, the IFBB pro-qualifying competition in Las Vegas. I have seen epic changes in my body that are preparing me to do really do well on stage this July. Also, the new body and mindset John has encouraged in me has set an excitement for a healthier lifestyle that I will continue for the rest of my life.
I am confident in John Haubenstricker’s science-based approach to both the workout and the meal plans he creates and stands behind. I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their completion prep and come out a winner in the NPC and IFBB circuit. Thank you John for making me a winner!

Toni Herndon
Model & NPC Bikini Competitor

Ms. Toni Herndon, Model & NPC Bikini Competitor

Jesse DiMarco

I have had HORRIBLE pervious experiences with trainers when it comes to competition preps. My coach before I met John had me on very restrictive, low-calorie diets and I was doing between 1-2 hours of cardio a day. I was constantly hungry and my energy levels were at a zero.
When I met John I was coming from a year of not competing and had been doing my own thing when it came to diet and workouts. He had me monitor my everyday food intake and then based my diet off some of the foods I liked to eat and my everyday activity level.
I LOVED opening my emails from him and reading, “Ok, we are increasing the calories again this week.” We increased my calorie intake every single week for 9 weeks until I reached my plateau. I was not used to this at all and it was amazing seeing how my body responded so well while still being on a higher calorie diet.
I was consistently losing weight, seeing muscular changes and I felt better than ever!
When it came to cardio it was always very consistent. I switched between moderate cardio and HITT training, each of which never took longer than 20 minutes. The most cardio I did was right around show time and that was 40 minutes. A HUGE change from my previous 2 hour a day cardio sessions my last prep.
John always took the time to explain every single change he made to my routine and discuss how I was feeling mentally and physically. He also gave great recommendations of other professionals that would accommodate all my “show” needs, such as posing, suits, tanning, etc.
John taught me to understand that I did not have to endure crazy diets, tons of cardio and basically be miserable to get to where I needed to be, which gave me a whole new light on the sport I love so much. I cannot thank him enough for everything and CANNOT wait to start my next prep with him!
Jesse DiMarco
NPC Bikini Competitor

Ms. Jesse DiMarco, NPC Bikini Competitor